fig tree story

It all started with a simple dream, to convert our original farmhouse into a restaurant. 40 years on and here we are today; from the gardeners who harvest our produce each morning, to our chefs who design and curate our menus, and the front of house staff who deliver next level, sophisticated service. Our passionate team of individuals here at Fig Tree continually explore, create and innovate in ways that continue to honour our legacy. Welcome to Fig Tree Restaurant.


It all started with a simple dream.
‘To convert an original farmhouse into a restaurant and serve food grown and prepared by themselves.’

Heather & Charly Devlin

Garden to Table

Our Ethos

A commitment to community and sustainability is at the centre of the Fig Tree ethos. With established roots in the Northern Rivers community, we take pride in our long-standing relationships with local growers and farmers, who provide us with ethical, local produce to complement our own, all year round.

Our investment in the story behind the ingredients we prepare creates a deep connection, love, and respect for everything we serve.


Meet Our Passionate Team

Our Fig Tree Family

Around him, Che has built a team of impassioned and talented individuals that make up the Fig Tree family.

Each individual's role is truly cherished, from the gardeners who harvest the produce each morning, the chefs who design and prepare our innovative menus, and the passionate wait staff who deliver our sophisticated service. Our team is encouraged to explore with passion and creativity, which is why Fig Tree Restaurant continues to be a pioneer in the industry.


Our Family To Yours

Our Home

In 1981, Fig Tree Restaurant was born by Heather and Charly Devlin, whose dream was simple; To convert a historic farmhouse into a simple restaurant, serving food directly from their garden to the community.

In the beginning, eager diners were welcomed into the Devlin family home to share a meal at their table. Their son, Che, began running the family restaurant in 2005 and has expanded on his parents' founding vision, with their gentle guidance, to grow the restaurant into what it is today.


We remain true to our beginnings; food is grown in our own garden and orchards, and is lovingly prepared in our family kitchen.



Venture out past the grapevines, olive grove and orchard to behold the beauty of the venues most iconic feature – it’s majestic 150-year-old fig tree, framing sweeping hinterland to ocean views all the way out to the Byron Bay Lighthouse.


Wake Up In Luxury

Located on the restaurant grounds are two unique and luxurious homes; Sunrise House and The Dairy. These bespoke spaces have been designed to create a feeling of luxury and sophistication while also paying homage to the natural history and charm of the overall grounds. Complete with private gardens, polished interiors, and glistening views of Byron Bay, each one is its very own retreat, conveniently located only minutes from the Byron town centre.